Project Officially Launched.

WP_20160601_015It was a great milestone as the long awaited launch of the direct sponsorship project in Rusinga Island of Kenya. The event was marked by presentation of the recipients’ farm designs. It was basically crowning the training on the design methodologies and putting the design principles and techniques they have acquired from the weekly training. The twelve DS project recipients have embarked on major work in their farms. Continue reading Project Officially Launched.

Permaculture Ethics and Principles

My name is Solomon Owiti osingla ,I am a beneficiary of badilisha direct sponsorship program. We have been enjoying our trainings a lot at badilisha and in every meetings , we have been undergoing how to use the accounts and updates about the setting up of the project.

We also learnt about the permaculture ethics and principles which includes care of the earth, care of the people and share of surplus .the most I important lesson was earthworks that include s ,making of Swales ,using grey waters to make banana circles .and as a whole we hope that all the worlds problems can be solved on the garden, and our project direct spornsorship had started to draw aroadmap.

Remembering Our Traditions

My name is hezbon omondi Okuku, I am abenficiary of badilisha direct sponsorship project. i have been participating in the regular meetings and trainings at badilisha community center .The sessions have been much educative and due to this , it has made me more interested in permaculture studies under our coordinator and trainer Evans.

AS I was in the process of learning more about per culture , I was able to flash back on the old system whereby our forefathers used to to cultivate crops ,uses local manure from the animal waste ,use ashes for the pest control ,using rotten plants leaves as manure -put in the compost , use grey water -use d water in homes for future use ,use of cover crops ,mulching methods ie rain water and planting of trees alongside the farms to act as the windbreakers. Continue reading Remembering Our Traditions

A Brighter Future

P1050324I have gathered a lot of valuable information about farm planning,about use of water,soil management, landscape and I see that since i started to learn permaculture, a lot has changed in my farm. i have learnt about compost making , keeping soil healthy, use of intrinsic characteristics of small and big animals in the farm to have positive output. I have seen also how to have a good mix of plants to control pests, how to use a combination of cover crops and shade plants to conserve water and soil erosion. Continue reading A Brighter Future

A Silent Revolution

IDDIHi I am OKoth IDi ODIRA , I am among the badilisha direct sponsorship project in RUsinga ISland , we normally have meetings to learn about permaculture .

PErmaculture for sure is holistic and looking at whole systems . I have loved the idea of planning and looking keenly at deferent elements in the farm and how to pace them in the farm.i have been a mused with ideas about food forests , mandala gardens and how different components within the farm are analyzed and placed, and how they are connected. Continue reading A Silent Revolution

Healthier Soil and Clean Food Security

EUNICEOur weekly permaculture meetings and straining have made us have great permaculture knowledge and great heights in terms of planting and management of gardens. I am sure that at the end of the project me as the recipient is going to benefit with food security and take care of our families basic needs.

So far we have learnt how to control pests in our farms. Those has given us a lot of encouragement this has resulted into healthy food. Planting skills have also improved, our soils have also grown healthier and we are starting to have clean food. Continue reading Healthier Soil and Clean Food Security

Learning and Sharing

everline3aAs a group we have been having meetimga and learning and sharing together about permaculture .Our good coordination and planning has enabled us learn about permaculture .as at now Ia m able to give a clear definition of what permaculture is about , and also implement some of what we have learnt in our precious trainings .planning and designing my farm before doing my work. Really touched my heart and I am currently replaning my farm and organizing it. In a permaculture way.

Continue reading Learning and Sharing

It’s All in the Planning

nashon3aMy name is Nashon Manyattta .I am a beneficiary of badilisha direct sponsorship project .i have been attending and enjoying the trainings at badilisha a lot.THe benefits of this trainings can be seen in my farm .

THere are so many things I didn’t know are working well despite being a farmer for many years now .in the past I used to work without any plan, but today I can plan. How to plan , how to plant a mixed garden .i have also learnt how to maintain a healthy soil , I have also learnt how to make Swales. In the farm , how to grow crops without chemicals , how to make soil fertile , I have also learnt about water management and the most important one is how to prevent. Pest from plants a d how to control soil erosions and floods. Continue reading It’s All in the Planning

The family garden

IMG_1290IMG_1291IMG_1293IMG_1299Here are some photos of the family garden that the family can potentially share with the project and school. The school has a water issue and there is currently no water on site but the family garden has water. I am in contact with the Ministry of Agriculture (Forestry) who could also be helpful with establishing a orchard, but this is a process. I also do not think they will be able to put a fence around the whole garden as the garden is quite big (something like 130mx35m – approx -might even be bigger! I don’t have the measurements we took at hand right now…) due to cost (I am currently assisting them with planning/quoting for fencing and shade netting for a school garden here in Windhoek…).