Direct Sponsor groups have one aim: freedom to live in abundance. They are using permaculture to help them achieve that.

Direct sponsorship means 100% of your money goes directly to a recipient, without any of the usual “expenses” which often leave little behind for the people we want to help. As sponsors, we can see exactly what’s being done with our money, and offer moral support and encouragement too.

We communicate via the Direct Sponsor network, through forums, video blogs and comments on posts, as well as whatever we find convenient (email, skype etc.)

Here you can find all the information. Each recipient posts a regular video blog along with details of what they’ve achieved. Each group of up to 12 recipients has a coordinator, who manages the accounts and assists them with making their videos and posts. The coordinator manages a site for the group’s blogs, and writes the blog for the group as a whole, where you can see how their collaborative project is doing.

The forums are provided so that sponsors, recipients and coordinators can discuss their project together easily. Our first task is to get a decent internet connection for both projects, so that our recipients can communicate with us properly. See the budget page for each project for more on that.

To become a sponsor, all you need to do is fill out the short form on the Sponsor page. You can select any amount from €10 per month (or equivalent in your currency).