Don’t kid yourself. Privacy policies … user agreements … terms and conditions… none of these were written to protect you. They’re written to give corporations every possible advantage—or, at the very least, to protect them against lawsuits.

Members’ Data

noseyMembers’ info is stored in the standard WordPress database. It’s protected by WordFence security system and is more secure than most websites, but no database is completely secure. You have control over which items are public, See your profile page. We won’t give away or sell your data to anyone, but if some government heavies turn up we will give them everything we didn’t have time to delete first.

To be a sponsor all we need is an email address and a username.


The site is supported by advertising. Our ad providers may use cookies, web beacons, or any other means to track you across this and other sites. We recommend the use of adblocking or script blocking software if this bothers you. We ask you to either turn them off for our site or to make a small donation. Our system enables us to achieve a lot with a little, and we use bitcoin, so it’s possible to send a little without getting ripped off by the banks. enables you to select which ad services (if any) you want to allow or disallow. It’s not a complete list but it’s worth a look. Browsers often have “opt-out” tools or setting as well.

The reality is that your privacy is your own responsibility. People often expect government to protect their privacy for them, but this is just a fantasy; government largely does the bidding of the big corporations who practically own all the candidates and throw huge amounts of money into lobbying. Take control of it for yourself, no-one else cares enough to do a good job of it.

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